A chance encounter leads to an unlikely friendship between eight year old Roux and a spider named NIM. Roux may have to get glasses and she’s nervous. She is worried other kids may make fun of her. Upset her mom is making her get her eyes checked, Roux runs to her room but spots something blurry through her tears. It’s a spider sitting on her desk chair. Her eyes widen. The spider’s eyes widen. She looks around to hit it with something when the spider states, “Please don’t hit me.” Roux’s fear subside and her anxiety turn to curiosity. When Nim learns why Roux was upset, he encourages her to be brave. He asks if he can get glasses too and Roux comes up with a unique way to give him the same look, but he looks more like a ninja than a spider with glasses. That’s when Nim the Spiderninja is born and he helps her face her fear.