how it all started

I used to work nights.  I would come home after work and need to unwind or decompress from whatever the night threw at me. This usually happened outside where the air was clear, sounds originated from nature and no one asked me for anything.

I noticed a random spider here and there and thought, “Well, I’m in their territory, so how can I get freaked out about them?”  There weren’t many nights that I didn’t see spiders. After a while of these encounters, I started to believe they were secretly stalking me. They would wait until I came home and then come crawling out of the darkness to irritate me.

I started commenting on Facebook about how there always seemed to be spiders around me and it became a running joke. Months went by and my comments turned into rants about being harassed by these creatures. I just wanted to decompress in peace! Not look over my shoulder or down around my knees to see if one was dropping or climbing up its web to get me.

The rants turned into stories. I would write these long, elaborate stories of how the spider was out to get me and i was trying to escape it’s clutches.  It always got away.  No matter how hard I tried to beat it.  Escaped like a ninja.

I gave it a name-the spiderninja.  It was an endless battle between me and the spiderninja. Before I knew it, I had a folder full of stories I had written but didn’t know what to do with them.

I brainstormed with my husband and decided to turn the stories into a kids series and Nim the spiderninja was born.

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I have no professional training. Most of the time, I don’t know what I’m doing. I used to write stories when i was younger, but after a episode of stupidity on my part as a senior in high school, I put the pen down and didn’t touch it again until these chance encounters began.

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The goal

Even though Nim was created as an advesary, I didn’t want kids to be afraid of him. I actually wanted him to help kids face their fears. I was never scared of spiders. I didn’t enjoy them being around me but I know so many people that do have a fear of spiders. What better way to help incorporate facing your fears than to use the creepy eight legged creatures? And not just be afraid of him, but learn that you can face any fear, no matter how big or small.